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Parole: an incomparable Italian seafood and lifestyle experience

Source: Grupo RosaNegra

Parole’s Italian charm now in Cancun

Source: Grupo RosaNegra

Parole arrives in Polanco

Source: Core Culinario

Have you visited Parole Polanco yet?

Source: Eddy Warman

Parole arrives in Polanco

Source: Revista Booking

Parole: Italian culinary tradition on one of the most beautiful terraces in Polanco

Source: Food and Pleasure

Proposal of Italian cuisine, seasoned with DJ music and live artists

Source: Mi Estilo es Salud

Parole: modern Italian proposal cooked with passion

Source: Líderes Mexicanos

Parole Ristorante | The rustic flavor of Italian cuisine comes to Mexico City

Source: The Core

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