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3 traditionaly Italian desserts

traditionaly Italian desserts

Italy is known for its history, dream destinations, cuisine, and cultural heritage. There are so many iconic and world famous dishes that it’s difficult to choose one, but today we will talk about some of its culinary delights: desserts. Italian culture is known for enjoying the pleasures of life, having its own rhythm and lifestyle, and for putting the delight of the senses as a priority. 

Here are 3 traditionally Italian desserts that you must try on your next visit to Parole Polanco. 



For many, Italian gelato is the best in the world and what makes it the best in the world is its artisanal technique and fresh ingredients. Something that sets it apart from the rest is its creamy texture, thanks to its main ingredients: milk and cream, several sugars and aromas. A fun fact of gelato is that it has less fat than a normal ice cream, no preservatives or artificial ingredients are added. 


Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is one of the most emblematic desserts of Italy, it’s part of a great gastronomic tradition. Cream is the fundamental ingredient of this dessert, in fact the word panna cotta means "cooked cream". The recipe is said to come from the Piedmont area and its rich flavor, texture and easy preparation have made it world famous. Its smoothness and the sweet taste of the berries make it a true classic Italian dessert. 



There are many stories and legends about the origin of tiramisu, some say that it originated in Tuscany, others in Turin. The first one tells that tiramisu was invented in Siena due to the visit of the Grand Duke Cosimo III De Medici. Another theory is that this dessert was invented by Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour and later came into the hands of the writer from Forlì Pellegrino Artusi, who in his book "Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well", published in 1891, described a similar recipe, but without mascarpone, replaced in this case by butter.

There is also a legend that it was a common dessert in brothels, used to lift the spirits and energy of the visitors, due to the amount of sugar and coffee. No matter what story you have heard, the important thing is that tiramisu is one of the most emblematic, well-known and replicated desserts in the world. Mascarpone cheese and coffee combined with sponge cake, result in an Italian culinary gem.

At Parole you can explore the flavors of Italian cuisine in one of the most exclusive and sophisticated spaces in Polanco. Discover the most exquisite desserts with dreamy presentations and enjoy the traditions of Italy with a gourmet touch that will conquer your senses. Parole Polanco is an unprecedented Italian restaurant in the city.

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