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It´s all about passion in Parole

During February we celebrate all the passion surrounding our different culinary and entertainment experiences, the love with which the different concepts were created and the power to share extraordinary moments in each of our venues. At Grupo RosaNegra "It's all about passion" because passion is an essential for everything we do. 


February is the perfect month to celebrate love and passion in your life. If you’re looking for the best Italian restaurant to visit, here are some reasons to choose Parole. 


Create unforgettable moments

There are many things that can be replaced or renewed, time is not one of them. There is no better gift than moments with family, friends or your loved one, and Parole is the best experience you can treasure, whether in Tulum, Cancun or Polanco. Each of the restaurants offers a gastronomic proposal inspired by Coastal flavors with Italian influence in an atmosphere of romance and fun. 


Flavorful Experiences

Our products are exclusive, regulated and sustainable, carefully chosen to create each dish on the menu in a fascinating way. In the case of Parole, seafood is the star of this concept, offering unique ingredients, carefully chosen and acquired, to bring you only the best of the world. The menu combines tradition, innovation, Italian essence and truly extraordinary proteins. 


A romantic setting

Parole's atmosphere is the most romantic and cozy of all Grupo RosaNegra restaurants. No matter which city you visit, you will find a delicate and exciting atmosphere in all of them. Parole is a sensory experience from the moment you arrive, every detail of its tables, decor and interior design seeks to offer intimate moments you will never forget. 


romantic dinners in Parole

The great voice of the Chef tenor

Parole has its dose of entertainment thanks to the Chef Tenor, a talented singer who will make you fall in love with his melodious voice. Your evening will have several surprises, great service and magical moments that will not be repeated. 


Dreamy desserts

One of the most recognized attractions of Parole are its desserts, taste exquisite Italian-inspired flavors with dreamy presentations that will surely make you sigh. February is the perfect month to treat yourself and end your evening in the sweetest way.


Experience the passion of good food, love and memorable experiences in every Parole in the country, we promise you will want to come back. 


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