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Fun facts about Italy

Italy is a fascinating country, steeped in history, incredible landscapes, ancient monuments and a lot of cultural diversity in each of its cities, without leaving behind the great gastronomy recognized worldwide that has conquered millions of palates.

Its charm is the inspiration behind Parole, the aesthetics, recipes, language and culture in general are hidden in the creation of one of the most romantic and chic brands in Mexico. 

We are sharing some fun facts about Italy, so you can fall in love even more with this fascinating country. 


There are more than 200 types of pasta

If you think you've tried everything when it comes to pasta, you might be wrong. There are more than 200 types of pasta, each region has different varieties, as well as sauces, ingredients and recipes. The combinations are almost infinite, making it one of the most versatile and multifaceted dishes. Italians consume approximately 30 kilos per year; pasta is undoubtedly the typical Italian food par excellence. 

One of the countries that exports the most wine

Italy is one of the countries that produces the most wine per year, its soils and climate make the creation of wine very favorable. Its mountains and alps are the perfect scenery for vineyards. Chianti is one of most popular wines, however there are many variations and styles that can satisfy the most demanding tastes. 


It has 54 Unesco World Heritage Sites

This is the country with more historical sites that are considered World Heritage Sites by Unesco, so you can plan various activities and tours, as there will always be something new to see and visit. Discover all the tourist attractions in Italy and create new memories. 

italian restaurant in Cancun


Multifaceted cities

Italy's best cities such as Rome, Venice and Milan are known for their grandeur, diversity, and a great amount of activities to do. Italy shares borders with 6 countries: France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Vatican and San Marino.  In this country you find everything: incredible museums, the famous Trevi Fountain, the Tower of Pisa, fashion, vineyards, paradisiacal beaches, active volcanoes and much more. 


Their gelato is healthier than ice cream

This classic dessert of Italian cuisine is healthier than traditional ice cream, since it is made with fresh ingredients without preservatives and contains 70% less fat, due to the fact that it’s made with less dairy products and sugar.


If you want to experience a reinterpretation of the magic of Italy, visit Parole in Cancun, Tulum and Mexico City.

Fun facts about Italy.


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