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How to plan a romantic dinner?

Life as a couple always needs a touch of magic and complicity, nothing better than food to live a moment of romance in one of the most incredible restaurants in Mexico City: Parole Polanco. An exquisite dinner can be a great plan to relive memories, create new ones and have the opportunity to share deep conversations that you usually don’t have on a daily basis. 

Want to know how to plan a romantic dinner at Parole? We'll help you.


Save the date

Choose the date and time that is ideal for both of you. Sometimes with different schedules and routines, planning can get complicated. Choose a day and time that suits you, to feel relaxed and carefree to be present during the dinner. 


A creative invitation

To set this date apart, it’s important to let the other person know that this is a special evening, that you will be visiting a different and sophisticated restaurant that will make the dinner feel like a memorable moment. 

You can write a romantic note, tell them with flowers or even make it a surprise, just give the time and place, but don't specify where you are going. 


Make a reservation 

Remember that it’s important to make your reservation at Parole, this way you can secure your table and leave a note, in case you’re celebrating something special or if you have an idea in mind for dessert or drinks. We will help you make your date spectacular! 


Take a look at the menu  

Before you visit you can check out the menu, so you're familiar with the dishes. You can find some options you or your date might like. It's nice to plan and acknowledge their tastes and preferences, as well as learn more about the place you're visiting. Find out what makes it special, its specialties and most requested dishes. 


romantic dinner in Parole

The perfect outfit 

Outfits tend to make a moment special and add personality, look for a fresh, romantic and comfortable outfit, give your partner a hint of what he/she can wear to feel good, (in case it is a surprise).


A bottle of wine

Parole Polanco's wine cellar is extremely extensive and exclusive, order a bottle of your favorite wine to toast to love and good times together. If you're not a wine fan, Parole has a wide variety of signature cocktails that are simply spectacular in every way. 


Plan that romantic date you've been putting off, the dining experience at Parole Polanco is simply extraordinary and worth living it as a couple, we will be waiting for you.


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