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Discover some types of Italian pasta

types of italian pasta

Pasta is the star of Italian cuisine thanks to its versatility, different presentations and its incredible texture, when it comes to homemade pasta. Let us show you some pasta varieties you can find in Parole Polanco’s menu.

If you are looking where to eat in Polanco, this post will give you the answer.


  1. Parpadelle. It is a thick pasta and wider than spaghetti, it can have a width measurement of 2.5 cm. It’s usually eaten with the same type of sauces as any type of artisan pasta in Polanco. If you want to try this pasta we recommend you to order: Parpadelle al ragú d' Michele, a recipe reinvented by the home chef. 

  2. Gnocchi, Gnocci or Gnocchi. Gnocchi is a type of Italian pasta that is mainly made with potato, flour, egg yolk, and salt. It’s one of the most popular pastas due to its soft consistency, easy to combine with several cream sauces. If you want to try gnocchis we suggest you order Gnocchi de Patate alla Crema di Gorgonzola at Parole. Its flavors will conquer your palate. 

  3. Fettuccine. It is a flat and elongated pasta that has a width of 6 mm. You can taste it with a variety of sauces and without this type of pasta the famous Fettucine Alfredo dish would not exist. If you’re looking for a Haute Cuisine fettuccine, we recommend you to order Fettuccine alla Carbonara al Tartufo, with pancetta, Grana Padano cheese and truffle oil. A total delight for your senses.

  4. Capellini. Known in English as angel hair pasta, it is a thin pasta, perfect to combine with different toppings and proteins. At the best Italian restaurant in Polanco you can order Capellini Arrabiata Di Gamberi, served with peperoncino and U4 shrimp. 

  5. Ravioli. This is the most popular stuffed pasta. Its particular square shape has two sheets sealed with water and eggs. The filling is usually the final touch and varies depending on the ravioli. It can be meat, cheese, seafood or vegetables, mainly spinach. At Parole you can try this pasta with shrimp and mozzarella filling, in arrabiata sauce. 

Parole’s menu has all these options; eating fresh pasta in Polanco has never been so satisfying. 


If you’re looking for one of the best Italian restaurants in Polanco, Parole is your best option, its classic recipes reinvented with exclusive ingredients, it's warm and cozy atmosphere will turn your dinner into a unique culinary experience. 


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