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5 reasons to visit Parole Polanco

Parole Polanco

Parole Polanco is the best Italian cuisine restaurant, offering an extraordinary gourmet touch that will delight your senses, not only for its exquisite flavors, but also for the unique atmosphere.

The restaurant's architecture is simply stunning, emanating history, elegance and romanticism; this factor added to its extraordinary menu makes it a great option for dining in Polanco. Discover all that Parole has for you. 


Incredible spaces

Parole Polanco is a true architectural gem. Its spaces are classic, romantic and elegant at the same time. Live a unique experience surrounded by sophistication and luxury in the best Polanco restaurant. 

Italian dishes with a modern touch

In addition to exquisite pastas, discover other Italian dishes and ingredients to explore all the possibilities of Italian cuisine. Enjoy great classic recipes with an international touch and exclusive products.


Fresh Pasta

At Parole you can taste fresh homemade pastas and live an authentic artisan experience, full of flavor and exclusivity. Don't forget that our recipes combine fresh pasta with exclusive ingredients such as Alaskan King Crab, black truffle, peperoncino and the best cheeses in the world.


Celebratory Atmosphere

Parole is everything you want in one space. It has so many possibilities, it can be romantic, perfect to visit with friends and it is also the ideal place to celebrate special occasions. If you have any special request, don't forget to mention it when you make your reservation, we will make your evening unique.  

Signature Mixology

Explore Parole's signature cocktails and discover your next favorite drink from our menu. Each one was created with imagination and precision inspired by the beautiful Italy and all the magic and history that surrounds this country. Ready to say cheers? 

Dream desserts

Our desserts are true works of art, garnished with pansy flowers and walnuts, all of them have a romantic renaissance air. If you feel like trying different options we recommend the Degustazione di Dolci, an exquisite and extraordinary tasting. 

Come and visit the best restaurant in Mexico City and discover the extraordinary menu that elevates Italian flavors to their maximum splendor. 


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