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5 Key elements for Italian Cuisine

Classics of Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine is one of the favorites in the world, its flavors, recipe and ingredients are famous all over the world and today we have all tried to recreate some of its classic dishes at home like lasagna or even a tiramisu dessert.

We share 5 classic elements that are usually present in every Italian cuisine menu. 

Olive Oil

As a dressing for salads and assorted dishes, nothing better than olive oil.

This vegetable oil is extracted from the olive and can have many different flavors depending on the variety of olive trees, soil and type of cultivation. 

Italy is one of the most popular countries for exporting and using it continuously in their recipes. 

At Parole Tulum, several dishes are seasoned with olive oil. 


Fresh pasta

True connoisseurs know that there is a big difference between fresh pasta and packaged premade pasta. The secret of fresh pasta is the quality of its flour, the kneading technique and of course cutting it properly. 

At Parole Tulum, you will find fresh pasta made at the moment with the highest quality ingredients and the best techniques to offer you only the best dishes. 


Grana Padano and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

These cheeses are the stars of Italian cuisine, both are created with fresh cow’s milk and come in large wheel presentations. These cheeses are backed by DOP “Denominazione di Origine Protetta”, which means Protected Designation of Origin and have had the European seal since 1996. Find many dishes that include these renowned cheeses in our menu. 



Italy’s proximity to the sea makes it the perfect place to enjoy the delights from the sea. Fish abounds in the seas of the Italian peninsula and the islands that surround it; salmon and trout are essential to many recipes. Following their cuisine’s tradition, Parole Tulum integrates seafood in soups, pasta and many other recipes full of flavors and exquisite seasonings. 



Italy is known for its wine production, thanks to its geographical location. This country is perfect for cultivation and creation of this beloved beverage. Italians really enjoy pairing the most popular dishes from their cuisine with a glass of wine, it’s part of a complete culinary experience.


Parole is one of the best Italian food restaurants in Tulum, in our restaurant you can find a great selection of Italian dishes prepared with fresh ingredients of the highest quality, as well as incredible cocktails, created with top spirits and natural infusions you can enjoy in our surprising and romantic spaces. 

If you want to enjoy the best pasta in Tulum, look no further and book your table at Parole. 

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