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Parole’s Italian charm now in Cancun

Italian charm in Cancun

After its success in Tulum and Mexico City, Grupo RosaNegra welcomes you to its most romantic restaurant: Parole. 

Parole is an Italian restaurant that offers a cuisine steeped in history and traditions, the quality and freshness of the ingredients are the stars of this concept. All dishes are cooked fresh at the moment with the highest quality products from Italy, presented with a creative take that challenges and surprises.

Discover classic Italian recipes that everyone loves, with an international gourmet twist. Try your favorite pasta with exotic seafood, creative combinations, creamy sauces made in an artisanal way, as well as exquisite cheeses that will make your culinary experience a memorable moment. 

Parole’s design invites you to be part of a magical romantic world with bohemian touches. Its pendant lamps, neutral colors and candlelight setting create a warm and intimate atmosphere, perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions by the Nichupté Lagoon in the Cancun hotel zone. 

Parole will become a favorite for couples looking to share special moments, but it’s also perfect for family celebrations and outings with friends, to get together and create new memories in a delightful and pleasant atmosphere. 

Its variety of dishes offers something for all tastes, options for seafood lovers, beef cuts enthusiasts, pasta and exquisite desserts.

We can’t talk about Italian cuisine without mentioning pasta, Parole’s pasta is fresh and homemade with care and attention to detail. Each type of pasta has a different process, as well as the vegetables, sauces and other ingredients that accompany it. Each recipe was created with imagination, precision and above all passion.

In addition to seeking excellence in its cuisine, Parole also strives to create an ambiance of sophistication and elegance, thanks to its spaces, the extensive national and international wine list, as well as its ingenious and romantic mixology, created with exotic ingredients, natural infusions, premium spirits and flowers that decorate and transform a cocktails into a piece of art that will delight your senses. 

Cancun has a new culinary gem called Parole, an Italian restaurant with international touches in an enviable location that will undoubtedly become a favorite of local and international diners. 

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